An Introduction to Gregorian Chant is an entry point resource for your choir to begin singing Gregorian Mass settings and other selected Chants. After the collection of Chant in this book has been mastered, your choir will be ready to advance to singing the Propers of the Mass allowing a complete Missa Cantata or a High Mass to be sung – according to the 1962 Missal of Pope John XXIII. Gregorian Mass settings may also be sung with the New Roman Missal or what Pope Benedict XVI termed the ‘Ordinary Form’ of the Mass. If we follow the instruction of Vatican II, that Gregorian Chant ‘should be given pride of place in liturgical services’, then this should be considered an imperative. This book will give your choir a foundation to their repertoire of Gregorian Chant and inspire them to dig deeper into the richness of the Church’s sacred music tradition.


Gregorian Chant


An Introduction to Gregorian Chant – Audio Files

Once you have purchased An Introduction to Gregorian Chant, these audio files will help you and your choir members to learn each piece with aural assistance. Audio files to be uploaded soon…

Three Gregorian Prayers

Three Gregorian Hymns

The Ordinary of the Mass

The Three Benediction Chants

The Four Seasonal Marian Antiphons

The Six Liturgical Sequences

The Great Hymn of Thanksgiving

The Mass for the Dead