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CMAAMusica Sacra

The Church Music Association of America (founded in 1874) is an association of Catholic musicians and others who have a special interest in music and liturgy. The CMAA is active in advancing Gregorian Chant, Renaissance Polyphony, and other forms of sacred music, including new composition, for liturgical use.


SolesmesSolesmes Abbey

St. Peter’s Abbey, Solesmes (Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes) is a Benedictine monastery in Solesmes (Sarthe, France), famous as the source of the restoration of Benedictine monastic life in the country under Dom Prosper Gu√©ranger after the French Revolution. The abbey is noted for its crucial contribution to the advancement of the Roman Catholic liturgy and the revival of Gregorian Chant.


Pontifical InstitutePontificium Institutum Musicae Sacrae Roma

The Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music was established by Pope Pius X in 1910 as a body dedicated to restoring, teaching and performing sacred music.